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Total Van Assist terms and conditions
Total Van Assist Terms and Conditions
Total Van Assist not a breakdown cover policy but, rather, is designed to ease the burden of the logistics and legal concerns which arise from accident-related damage.

Subject to the terms below, the service aims to provide assistance with recovery of an accident damaged vehicle (if appropriate), initiation of the repair process and ongoing monitoring through to completion of the repair, liaising with insurers and/or third parties and the provision of a replacement vehicle for the duration of a repair.
Vehicle recovery
In the event of you being involved in a non-fault accident within the UK where there is an identifiable at-fault third party that renders your vehicle unsafe and/or unlawful to drive, we will recover the vehicle from anywhere in the UK.

Where the situation as to fault is not clear and we understand you to be in a vulnerable position due to your vehicle being unlawful and/or unsafe to drive, we reserve the right to make a discretionary decision to offer assistance.
Vehicle repair
In the event of you being involved in a non-fault accident within the UK where there is an identifiable at-fault third party you will be entitled to have your vehicle repaired by whichever of our Approved Repairers is most local to where you live. You will not have to pay the excess on your own motor insurance, and your no claims bonus is also protected.

However, should you or your insurance company not wish to use our Approved Repairers for the repairs, this aspect of the service will not be available to you.
Category like-for-like replacement vehicle
In the event of a non-fault accident where there is an identifiable insured third party, we will provide a replacement vehicle whilst your vehicle is in for repair. We will provide a replacement vehicle on a category equivalent like-for-like basis.

"Category equivalent like-for-like basis” means that instead of a just a courtesy car, we will deliver you a vehicle that is in the same category as your own. So for example (inter alia), if your vehicle is a Ford Transit van, then the vehicle we deliver to you could be another Ford Transit or a Citroen Relay or a Vauxhall Movano, and so on. In short, you'll always end up being able to drive the same type of commercial vehicle as your own while we complete your repairs.
Claims Notification and Administration
We will take relevant details from you regarding the accident and liaise with both the third party insurer and your own insurer when required.
Uninsured Loss Recovery
On the basis that the accident was not your fault, and that there is an identifiable insured third party, we will assess the prospect of recovery of uninsured losses and if satisfied as to prospects for recovery, will deal with your claim through to settlement. Depending on your motor insurance policy, uninsured loss recovery might include:
  • policy excess
  • cost of repairs to your own vehicle
  • replacement vehicle hire charges
  • out of pocket expenses
  • loss of earnings
  • personal injury
Specialist expert legal support from our Trusted Solicitors
In the event of a non-fault accident where there is an identifiable insured at-fault third party where you suffer a personal injury as a result of the accident where such personal injury is considered likely to exceed £1,000 in damages our specialist solicitors will be able to provide you with comprehensive legal support. You will keep up to100% of your compensation award. We at Assist Protect Limited will never deduct anything from your compensation.

The solicitor/client relationship between you and our specialist solicitors is governed by the conditional fee agreement and other terms and conditions outside the ambit of this document and will be explained to you fully and transparently and in plain English by these solicitors from the start of your claim.
Private physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment
In the event of an accident that is not your fault and where there is an identified third party, if you are injured you will be entitled to our private physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment service.

Based upon your GP's recommendations, backed up by our telephone triage session, you will be referred to one of our private physiotherapist and rehabilitation professionals. This clinic will always be local to where you live to ensure your maximum convenience.
The simplicity of our claim handling and reporting service
As well as all the valuable services we provide, our straightforward and clear process is designed from start to finish to make your life simple:
  • We’ll handle all the communication with the at-fault party’s insurer
  • We’ll take care of all the paperwork and administration for you
  • We’ll arrange for all the repairs or replacement of your vehicle
As a Total Van Assist member you don’t have to concern yourself with the usual inconvenience and hassle of the claim process. Everything that needs to be done will be done by people trained to do it while you’re kept fully and regularly informed on progress.
Consent to keep you informed
From time to time it will be necessary for us to email you in order to keep you informed of any upgrades you're entitled to, discounts, special offers, changes to your policy, renewal notification and so on and by clicking the box on our joining page to confirm that you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions you are giving us your consent that we may communicate with you via email in order to keep you informed of these important matters.
Our zero tolerance policy regarding fraud and deception
We adopt a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fraud. We will not hesitate to press criminal charges and, if appropriate, make a civil claim against you as well for recovery of monies paid out by ourselves and legal costs if we find that you have deliberately mislead us and/or falsified information regarding the circumstances of your accident or any other matter pertinent to the provision of our services to you and/or have, for the purposes of material gain, in any other material way not acted with the same good faith as we ourselves act in our dealings with you.
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