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Why are our member services free?
Why do you get all our member services for free? How is this possible?

Where's the catch?

There is no catch. Unlike insurance companies, we don't depend on premiums or membership fees for our revenue

This is because we make our money from within the insurance industry every time we provide you with services. So we pass the savings on to you.

How it works:

You never pay anything for our services - so who pays? (Expand...)

In the event of an accident that isn't your fault where there is an identified and insured third party, we recover our costs from the third party insurer as part of the natural claim on the third party's insurance policy.

Why don't you have to pay your insurance excess with us? (Expand...)

Why should you have to suffer an excess payment on your own motor insurance when an accident is someone else's fault?!

We'll be recovering our costs from the third party insurer, so we don't have to claim on your insurance to do everything we do for you. So, in turn, it follows that your insurance excess payment is no longer required, saving you potentially hundreds of pounds.

How are we able to provide you with free private treatment? (Expand...)

If you're injured in a non-fault accident where there is an identified and insured third party, you have the right to legal right to bring a claim for personal injury.

If you choose to exercise this legal right, your claim includes many things in addition to just compensation - such as all the costs of private medical treatment.

This private treatment bypasses NHS waiting lists. For example, the average NHS waiting list for physiotherapy is 4 months; with us, this is bypassed, meaning you get the treatment you need 4 months quicker and get better that much faster, too.

What are we paid for? How do we make our money? (Expand...)

Our major revenue comes from providing you with a like-for-like as-new ready-plated replacement taxi that is similar to your own instead of a mere courtesy car.

In the event of a non-fault accident where there is an identified and insured third party, it is the third party insurer who pays for this, not you.

Always keep in mind the governing legal principle: in the event of an accident that isn't your fault you have the legal right to be put back into the position you would have been in had the accident not occured. In this case, if you were driving a long-wheelbase high-cube commercial vehicle, you have the right to another such vehicle, not just a nasty little courtesy car that isn't suitable to your needs.

In following this legal principle, we make our money from the provision of that like-for-like replacement vehicle. The section below explains exactly how.

How is our revenue from third party insurers calculated? (Expand...)

Every like-for-like vehicle we deliver is provided in accordance with the terms of the General Terms of Agreement (GTA).

The GTA is an agreement to which UK insurers are signatories that establishes the legality of the services we provide and sets down the rules.

Within the GTA, every make and model of vehicle has a universally agreed daily hire rate. This daily hire rate is then multiplied by the number of days you've had the replacement vehicle to give a total revenue which the third party insurer pays.

Typical example:

• Our member's own vehicle: Mercedes Sprinter 2.1 Chilled
• GTA rate for a replacement Mercedes Sprinter 2.1 Chilled: £95.41
• Member's vehicle takes 5 days to repair
• Total revenue: £90.63 x 5 days = £477.05

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